Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sister to You

Dear Baby,
I asked your sister if she wanted to tell you a story today and she was most happy to oblige.  She kind of likes to talk a lot.  That never ending stream of chatter you probably hear?  That's her.
Transcribed, for you, verbatim:

Once there was a lovely girl named, Soleil (dramatic flourish indicating herself).  AND THEN SHE SAW A GHOST!!!! (sorry about the loud scream).  But she likes cookies and hoppin' chocolate bunnies.  Mom, can I have some cake?  AND I DON'T WANT TO NAP TODAY.  Wait a minute, I have a good idea.  (Then there was a long pause as she wrangled herself into her "queen" outfit to show off to you).  Who ate my porridge?!  Well it was GOLDILOCKS!!! (sorry about the other loud scream).

Then she ran away.    Hope you enjoyed the show.

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  1. Haha...I had that thought today, of recording my daughters' conversations verbatim...just so funny and convoluted! Wait'll your baby girl is born and old enough to join in the conversation. Now THAT's fun! :)


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